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Folder to FMX Image List

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A simple tool for Delphi and C++Builder FireMonkey developers.

Folder2FMXImageList takes all PNG files in a folder tree and generate a FireMonkey TImageList to paste in your projects or directly a Pascal Unit with a TDataModule and its TImageList.

Easy to use and very useful if you manage FireMonkey projects with icons in different sizes, sprites for games or graphical fonts.

Sample case : a graphical font from Adobe Stock.

  • cut the AI file as letters, numbers and other characters to export them in different sizes

  • export the images in a dedicated folder

  • start Folder2FMXImageList and specify the folder where you exported the pictures

  • choose if you want a TImageList to paste on a TForm or (better) a TDataModule from your project or if you want to generate a TDataModule unit with the TImageList component.
  • simply use the TImageList in Delphi or C++Builder like any TImageList

Speed and easy, isn't it ?

This program is open source. You can compile a binary from its repository or support my work by buying a license and getting last Windows and Mac binaries here. You can also look at Developpeur Pascal's blog to read more behind the screen about this program and the others.

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A lifetime license of Folder2FMXImageList and all of its releases.

Compatible operating system (PC)
Windows 10 or 11
Compatible operating system (Mac)
macOS High Sierra (10.13) and after
1.1 - 20220828
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Folder to FMX Image List

0 ratings
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