EXE Bulk Signing

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This program is dedicated to software developers on Microsoft Windows 10 and higher.

EXE Bulk Signing uses Windows SDK to sign all .exe and .msix files in a folder and its subfolders. You also can timestamp all files during the process.

To use it you must have a CSC (code Signing Certificate).

main form screen capture

  • specify the path of signtool.exe software (from Microsoft Windows SDK)
  • specify the path to your code signing certificate file
  • write your password
  • specify the time stamp server from your CSC provider (optional but very recommanded)
  • then you can add a title and an URL to .exe signed files (used by Windows SmartScreen), for .msix files those fields are ignored
  • specify the folder where are the program(s) you want to sign
  • and then click "start" button

All .exe files will be signed and timestamped if parameters are ok for signtool.exe

Only .msix files not signed or signed with same certificate will be signed and timestamped by signtool.exe

The program register all fields (except the password) to prompt them next time you use it.

This program is open source. You can compile a binary from its repository or support my work by buying a license and getting the last binaries here. You can also look at Developpeur Pascal's blog to read more behind the screen about this program and the others.

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A lifetime license of Exe Bulk Signing and all of its releases.

Compatible operating system (PC)
Windows 10 or 11
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EXE Bulk Signing

0 ratings
I want this!